6 Must-See Sicilian Beaches

Sun, sea, sand, and magnificent views are just a few of the ways you could describe the breathtaking beaches of Sicily. The island in the Mediterranean has hot, tropical summers – making it the perfect spot for beach-goers.

There is a range of rocky or sandy, populated or secluded beaches for locals and visitors to pick from. The beaches of Mondello, Isola Bella and Cefalu are great for relaxing and soaking up the sun. If you’re looking for more activities while you are at the beach, be sure to check out Scala dei Turchi, Sampieri and Torre Salsa for cliffs to climb, kayaking and snorkeling!

Isola Bella

Translated to “Beautiful Island”, Isola Bella is closest to Taormina, and gives off an old world,
undiscovered feeling. The main parts of the beach and water are rocky, so it is recommended that you bring water/rubber shoes to be able to fully enjoy the area.

A walk through the water along a rocky strip brings you to Isola Bella. When on the little island, you’ll be able to walk, and swim to and through hidden grottos – creating an escape from the bustling beaches.

When back on the mainland, you’ll find that the area caters to visitors, with plenty of restaurants and shops in case you forgot to pack something for your beach day!

“Beautiful Island” – Italians got it right!

Spiaggia di Mondello

A short trip from the city of Palermo, the beach in Mondello is popular with locals and tourists alike. There are restaurants and cafes along the seafront, meaning you are never far from the beach views when getting a drink or a bite to eat.

Bring your own towel and lounge on the sand for the day, or there are sun loungers and umbrellas that can be rented all along the beach.

Scala dei Turchi

A change from your normal sea views, Scala dei Turchi gives beach-goers a chance to take in the magnificent sights of the massive scaled limestone cliffs.

Visitors can spend the day climbing up the sides of the cliffs and diving off into the clear, warm waters of the Mediterranean. Pack a picnic and head to Scala dei Turchi early, and pick your spot along the sandy alcoves at the base of the cliffs to soak up the sun and amazing cliff views.

Scala dei Turchi, really one of the most unique beaches you’ll ever see

Torre Salsa

Located on the south west coast of Sicily, Torre Salsa is a beautiful nature reserve area and beach.

The coast is known for being great for snorkeling and scuba diving, with the clear water making it easy to observe the marine life. The coast line is amazing of course for lounging and sun bathing, but the coast is seemingly endless and makes for a wonderful walk in between fun in the sea.


Right in the middle of northern Sicily is the beautiful beach area of Cefalù. The picturesque shore line gives visitors the best of both worlds, with both sandy and pebble-lined beaches, with
crystal clear blue waters.

The rising town behind the beach is perfect for a photo opportunity, and is a great spot for a stroll after a day of swimming. Grab a gelato and sit on the beach to watch the magnificent sunset.

A beautiful shot of Cefalù beach


If you’re not into lounging around on the beach all day, and want to explore the water, look no further than Sea Kayak Sicily. With a base in Sampieri, you can take a kayak out onto the Mediterranean and paddle to ruins and other villages.

There are plenty of options for different kinds of tours that give you a different beach experience! Sea kayaking is open to adults and children, and of all skill levels – making it a great option for family holidays as well (more info: http://www.seakayaksicily.com/index.html)

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