A Piece of Sicily is an online marketplace dedicated to Sicily lovers and Sicily’s amazing wealth. Products you find on A Piece of Sicily belong to, are sold by, are managed by and shipped all over the world by Sicilian vendors, who work and operate in Sicily.

On A Piece of Sicily we choose quality, and all products are made here in this beautiful island. Each vendor is vetted and manually approved, as well as periodically checked, to favor transparency and trust.

A Piece of Sicily is like Amazon. But everything is definitely Made in Sicily.

Our goal is very simple: promote and digitalize Sicilian product shopping. We have several food specialties for sale, as well as crafts, jewelry, music, books, local tours and anything that is made right in Sicily.

If you know a real Sicilian person, you’d know we’re not shy whatsoever… In fact we enjoy sharing our thoughts on our blog with great content (both useful and fun) and we’re also on social media: Instagram to share our amazing pictures about Sicily, Twitter for short yet effective Sicilian thoughts and Facebook for sharing our posts and build the A Piece of Sicily community.

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If it’s Made in Sicily, it’s on A Piece of Sicily. Find out our range of products and shop online securely.

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A Piece of Sicily: story and founders

A Piece of Sicily was born in January 2019 to help Sicilian vendors sell online and spread their love all over the world. Amazon and other marketplaces are convenient, but the first step into the digital age is often risky and expensive.

A Piece of Sicily vendors pay only a little percentage if and when they sell online. Registration, insertion, English translation and payment processing fees are 100% free of charge.

A Piece of Sicily is an ecommerce project by Benedetta di Lorenzo and Rodolfo Melogli, two perfect partners in business, life and crime. Both founders hold a Master’s Degree and have years’ experience in ecommerce, marketing and social media. Their objective is to create awareness for the “Made in Sicily” brand.

Benedetta di Lorenzo


Social media and PR lover, Benedetta was born in Sicily, Benedetta has always lived in Sicily. Since her Master’s Degree graduation, she has been managing her family’s olives and grapes farmland. She has always felt the need to share her love of Sicily and the incredible bond she has with our complex yet beautiful Italian island. Thanks to “A Piece of Sicily”, she wishes to spread the word about “Made in Sicily”, piece after piece, all over the world.

Photo: “A Sicilian smile” © A. D’Anna

Rodolfo Melogli


Marketing expert and ecommerce developer, Rodolfo was born in Italy. In the last 12 years he spent a year in California, 10 years in Ireland and 6 months in South America. Now he has moved back to Italy, destination Sicily, and he wishes to use all his skills to make “A Piece of Sicily”, a marketplace of Sicilian products, successful abroad and inland. He believes Sicily is an amazing place, always full of surprises.

Photo: Speaking @ WordCamp Vienna