Curù Oil

Olio Curù is an unfiltered organic extra virgin olive oil.

The natural characteristics that our territory offers us and the millenary experience in the care of olive trees allow us to obtain a genuine oil: golden juice for health and life, preferred by gastronomes for its unparalleled taste and considered by nutritionists a “Elixir of long life”.

We want to give you an oil "as if it just came out of the mill". Hence the choice not to filter it to keep its organoleptic characteristics intact and guarantee the flavors and aromas of the pressing for a few months.
Olio Curù is genuine goodness for your kitchen, high quality and well-being. It decisively enhances the dishes of chefs attentive to the healthy properties of good food and the excellence of raw materials.

Our secret is that when you go to harvest the olives, in order to obtain a quality product, you will have to anticipate the harvest. This involves a loss of over 5% of the total production, but guarantees a unique product in the world.

Italia: Spedizione gratuita 100.00
Europa: Spedizione gratuita 120.00
Resto del Mondo: Spedizione gratuita 120.00

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