4 Sicilian Things You See in the Movies

The Godfather Trilogy, Cinema Paradiso, and Il Postino (The Postman) are just a few of the many movies that are made with Sicilian influences. Traditions get blended into pop culture as time goes on, and that means you can find those in the movie spotlight.

Sicily is represented in movies through beautiful shots of the island, showcasing the brilliance of the skyline with volcanic and beach scenes. Food and music are important parts of any culture, and that is definitely portrayed in movies with a Sicilian influence and twist. And of course, the mafia. While it may be a controversial topic now in Sicily, the mafia has made its mark on many films…

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5 Sicilian Celebrities You (Probably) Know

Sicily may be known as an exporter of citrus fruits and of course the starting place of the Mafia as we know it. From movie stars to legendary singers, football players and fashion stars, Sicily is the birthplace and ancestral home of more celebrities that you would think!

Italian–American crooner, Frank Sinatra, has his roots in Sicily, while Domenico Dolce (of Dolce & Gabbana) and footballer Mario Balotelli call the island home.

Then, there’s a fair share of Hollywood legends that call Sicily home too – like Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Frank Capra.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sicily (Maybe)

You’ve grown up watching American Mafia movies. You probably heard Sicily is full of lemon and orange trees. You possibly recall Sicily is an island (a big one) because it’s been 100 years they’ve tried to build a suspended bridge.

You’re probably aware there are not many jobs down here, and young adult’s unemployment is up the roof. 1 in 3 go to university elsewhere, and hundreds of thousands of Sicilians work in the North Italy or abroad to earn a living.

Right, this is all stuff you already knew… so here’s the deal. What about we talk about 10 things you might not know? I have a feeling, no matter your love for Sicily, you’re really gonna enjoy the read!

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